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Stable Bleaching Powder

Stable Bleaching Powder
PRODUCT GROUP : Stable Bleaching Powder
HSN CODE : 28281010

At Ideal Chemicals, we market premium quality product – Stable Bleaching Powder (SBP), which is manufactured by Chlorination of high grade Hydrated Lime (Slaked Lime) using Liquid Chlorinee. It decomposes on contact with water, releasing chlorine at the point of application. This makes it a strong oxidising, bleaching and disinfecting agent.
Bleaching agent in Paper, Textile Industry, Hand Looms, Power looms & Soaps Industry
Household Bleaching/Cleaning Applications
SWaste water treatment and Sewage disposal
Oxidizing Agent
Disinfecting Agent
Food Processing, Beverage and Sugar Industry
Mercury Fees
Strong Oxidizing and Bleaching Agent
GACL guarantees minimum 34.0% of available CI2
Fairly stable in alkaline medium at room temperature
No Characteristic Specifications
    Grade I Grade II
1 Available Chlorine (as CI2)  34.0% min. 32.0% min.
2 Moisture 00.3 % max. 00.5% max.
3 Stability 1 / 15 max. 1 /11 max.
Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated place. Use personal protective equipment during application.
25 Kgs LDPE lined HDPE bags