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CHEMICAL NAME : Chloroform or Trichloromethane
PRODUCT GROUP : Chloromethane Group
HSN CODE : 23031300

At Ideal Chemicals, we market the premium quality product - Chloroform (CFP), which is manufactured by our principal using the technology of Shin-Et-Su, Japan.

Chloroform (or Trichloromethane) is a trihalomethane with sweet smelling dense liquid. The industrial production of chloroform is carried out by heating a chloromethane or methane with Chlorine. At 400-500oC free radical halogenation occurs which results into progressive formation of chlorinated compounds.
In today’s era, Chloroform is widely used in the production of chlorodifluoromethane, a major precursor to tetrafluoroethylene. Other applications of Chloroform include :
Fluorocarbon Refrigerants and Resins
Fire Fighting Agent
Solvent in Dye and Perfume manufacturing
Extractant for Penicillin, Essential oils and Alkaloids, Nicotine etc
Soil Fumigants, Mildew Preventives
Pharmaceutical Preparations

Colourless, non flammable volatile liquid
Boiling point: 61.3oC
Miscible with organic solvents
Slightly soluble in water with etheric colour
Our Principal manufacturer guarantees minimum 99.9% pure Chloroform of International quality, which is 120o C with common construction metals in presence of light and water.
Our Principal manufacturer is equipped with QC department that has latest instruments to conduct and analyze special quality checks upon request.
Our Principal generally provides COA (Certificate of Analysis) at the time of dispatch from their respective locations.
No Characteristic Specifications
1 Colour APHA 10.00 max.
2 Sp. Gravity (15oC/4oC) 1.498/1.502
3 Purity % 99.90 min.
4 Methylene Chloride ppm 40.00 max.
5 Carbon Tetrachloride ppm 40.00 max.
6 1.1 Dichloroethane ppm 80.00 max.
7 cis 1-2 Dichloroethylene ppm 100.00 max.
8 Moisture ppm 100.00 max.
9 Free Chlorine ppm 1.00 max.
10 Acidity 1.00
The containers of chloroform should be stored away from direct sunlight as it produces highly toxic phosgene upon slow decomposition.
Zinc coated non-returnable GI Barrels each of 250 kg net weight for Export
280 kg net weight for domestic market in HM-HDPE Barrels
Threshold limit: 10 ppm as per ACGIH norms.