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Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide
CHEMICAL NAME : Hydrogen Peroxide or Dioxidane
PRODUCT GROUP : Hydrogen Peroxide
HSN CODE : 28470000

At Ideal Chemicals, we market premium quality product - Hydrogen Peroxide (HYP), which is manufactured by our principal using - Auto Oxidation process Technology.

Hydrogen Peroxide is a pale blue liquid, which is slightly more viscous than water. The dilute solution of Hydrogen peroxide is almost colourless. It is a strong bleaching agent having pungent or acidic odour and is non-flammable at any concentration. It is used as a disinfectant, antiseptic, oxidizer, and in rocketry as a propellant.

In many organisms, Hydrogen peroxide is produced as a by-product of oxygen metabolism.
Earlier the major production of hydrogen peroxide was used for pulp and paper bleaching. Other industrial applications of hydrogen peroxide are manufacturing of sodium percarbonate & sodium perborate and as mild bleaches in laundry detergents. The key applications of hydrogen peroxide include :
As bleaching agent for Pulp, Paper, Textiles, Sugar, Coir & Tobacco Industries
Antiseptic agent in Pharmaceuticals
Sterilizing agent in Aseptic Packing
As raw material for Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Dyestuffs and Pesticides
Effluent treatment
Propellant for Rockets and Aircrafts
Oxidising agent for Silver Ornaments
Neutralizing agent in Wine Distillation
Chemical reagent for extraction of different metals : Cobalt, Uranium, Tungsten etc
As an etching & cleaning agent in Electronic Industry and Process Equipments.

Colourless and slightly viscous water like liquid
Miscible with water.
Mainly produces "ACTIVE OXYGEN" in all concerned processes.
Use of Hydrogen Peroxide provides a "CLEAN PROCESS" and enables to maintain pollution free environment as it decomposes to Water and Oxygen. The rate of decomposition is as low as 1% per year at normal room temperature.
Our Principal manufacturer is equipped with QC department that has latest instruments to conduct and analyze special quality checks upon request.
Our Principal generally provides COA (Certificate of Analysis) at the time of dispatch from their respective locations.
No Characteristics Grade 35% H202 w/w 50% H202 w/w 60% H202 w/w
1 Stability ** 0.3max 0.3max 0.30max
2 Acidity (as H2SO4) g/100 ml 0.03max 0.03max 0.07max
3 Non-Volatile residue g/100 ml 0.15max 0.2max 1.0max
4 Residue on Ignition g/100 ml 0.05max 0.05max 0.10max
5 Iron (as Fe) ppm 1.00max 1.00max 2.00max
6 Copper (as Cu) ppm 0.10max 0.10max 10.0max
7 Arsenic (as As2O3) ppm 2.0max 2.0max -
8 Lead (as Pb) ppm 10.0max 10.0max -
** - ml. of O2/25 ml at 100oC for 30 minutes
Hydrogen Peroxide containers should be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area. The containers should be kept away from possible sources of fire. The containers should be made of non-reactive materials such stainless steel or glass.
For 35% & 50% Concentration :
30 kg, 50 kg HM-HDPE carboys
250 kg HM-HDPE Barrels
Dedicated SS tankers.
For 60% Concentration : Only in dedicated SS tankers.
Avoid contact of wood & iron with 50% concentrated with Hydrogen Peroxide. Containers should be stored in shed without having any exposure to sunlight.